Skyrim fans are a special breed. Even after 100s of hours, they are still obsessed with finding out everything there is to know about the world and its inhabitants. It was in that pursuit, I imagine, that a user dug into the code of a recent Skyrim patch (version 1.5.26, to be exact.) and discovered a pieces of code referring to components of the game that simply do not exist... yet.

Specifically, there were files for crossbows, and someone called the "Snow Elf Prince."

Back in March, Bethesda revealed at GDC that the Skyrim team did an internal "Game Jam", where each developer had a couple of weeks to create their own in-game component. Though many of them weren't included in the game, a couple have been released recently through patches.

Though neither of these particular additions was on the list of ideas reference in Bethesda's GDC panel, new weapons and enemies were both popular types of additional content.

Snow Elves already have a somewhat fleshed out story in the Skyrim universe that idicates that the "Snow Elf Prince" may play a key role in future quest-line or side mission in an upcoming piece of Skyrim DLC.

The Snow Elves lived in Skyrim, but were pushed underground by the Nords. Underground living drove them insane and, over time, they transformed into the monsterous Falmer, who Skyrim fans are no doubt familiar with.

If you want to learn more about the Snow Elf Prince, Ripten pulled the text from in-game book, also found in the patch, called "Fall of Snow Elf Prince", which you can read right here.

A tweet from Bethesda's Pete Hines, teased some Skyrim DLC reveal some time next week, so hopefully we'll hearing a lot more about this very soon.

[Via Ripten]