His luck with names may not be so great - sorry, but, Dennis Hennis? Really? - but his luck with life in general defiitely is. The 52-year-old New Jersey man is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the chest and piercing his heart with a four inch nail whilst trying to clear a jammed nail gun. 

Hennis, who works as a self-employed builder, was working with his 28-year-old son on a neighbor's roof when the accident occurred. He told ABC News, "It felt like someone poking me in the chest, like a tap ... there was no pain, actually, but a lot of shock. I couldn't believe I had just done that."

According to The Huffington Post, the nail pierced his right ventricle, the area of the heart that supplies oxygen to the lungs. He went into cardiac arrest soon after, but was revived after being rushed to a local hospital, and undergoing emergency surgery at a trauma center nearly an hour away. 

"You're talking about a puncture would to the heart," his doctor, Michael Rosenbloom, said to a local news station. "He's very lucky. There are so many things that had to take place for him to be alive."

So, yeah, Hennis is a really lucky dude. When Rosenbloom told him that he should buy a lottery ticket, however, Hennis had this to say: "I've already won the lottery." 

Yeah, but...buying a lottery ticket too probably wouldn't hurt, bro.

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