Yesterday was April Fool's Day, and apparently no one was safe - especially Republican Presidential candidate hopeful and real-life Mr. Burns, Mitt Romney. The prank is a little lame, but still, we're never ones to turn down an opportunity to make fun of this dude.

As shown in the video, it starts off with Romney's staffers leading the politician into a room where he is to hold a speech, with sounds of a large crowd cheering in anticipation of his arrival. When he enters the room, however, it's empty, and the "cheering crowd" was actually just a recording. Kind of begs the question: What if you had a presidential campaign rally and no one came?

Though he laughs it off, his reaction is rather ominous: Apparently, as Romney is a big practical joker himself, he told staffers after the prank that he'd "forgive and remember" their efforts to trick him.

We can only hope this means he intends to retaliate by revealing that his entire campaign has been one gigantic joke, and he was never actually serious about anything.

Pipe dreams?

Check out the video below.

[via CNN]