Microsoft plans to show their new streaming music service, codenamed "Woodstock", for the first time during their E3 keynote this June.

Showing Woodstock at the show makes sense given that Microsoft says they won't be showing the next Xbox, a.k.a. Durango, at this year's show. Instead, Microsoft will use Woodstock to continue their attempts to expand the Xbox brand outside of the gaming world.

According to The Verge, Woodstock has been described as "Spotify-Like": The service will have a catalog scanning function that can suggest songs based on what you currently own, make group playlists, and share tracks. 

Technically tied to the Xbox by brand, the service is expected to feature cross-platform compatibility and will be available for Windows 8, Android, and iOS.

Though it will be shown for the first time at E3, "Woodstock" will likely be released alongside Windows 8 when it launches later this year.

[Via The Verge]