Police chases seldom ever end with the criminal getting away - there are helicopters following you, guys! You're not gonna win! - but we gotta give it to this guy, he made a solid effort.

The man, 44-year-old Michael Kheop, was trying to escape cops in Malibu, California in a stolen van when he got the bright idea to drive it off a cliff. His wife, who was in the front seat, wanted him to surrender - he told her to get ready to jump out while turning towards a 200-foot cliff.

"He said, 'Get out,' and I opened the door, and then that's when the car turned," she told a local news station. "I jumped when it was about to go down."

Kheop himself went down with the car, somehow survived, and managed to hide from cops in surrounding brush. Though police searched for five hours, he was nowhere to be found - he was only arrested when he turned up at his wife's door later that night, and she called the police on him. 

He was charged with attempted murder - because he tried to drive the van off a cliff with his wife inside - as well as car theft. 

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