Lindsay Lohan got into another little brouhaha at The Standard Hotel on Sunset last night. This, after she allegedly got in the middle of a scuffle just two weeks ago.

According to TMZ, she showed up at the hotel last night to party at Smoke and Mirrors, the nightclub inside. She was in the passenger seat of a car her friend was driving, but the friend hit another car when she was pulling into the parking garage. Lindsay then called her father Michael, who took her inside the club, sans alcohol.

Apparently, as the night was drawing to a close, a woman in the booth next to where father and daughter were hanging out made a rude remark, which prompted Lindsay to yell "Shut the fuck up."

Then the woman threw a drink at her. Clearly not looking for more trouble, Michael snatched his daughter up and they hit the exit.

Knowing Lindsay, this story will probably end up with her being sued for millions of dollars and another jail sentence. That's just the way things usually go for her.