So You Created a Wormhole, the newest gallery at the I am 8bit gallery in Los Angeles, highlights games and concepts about time travel. Some of the games, like Capybara's Super Time Force, use time travel as a gameplay mechanic. Others just think of insane time-bending scenarios for gamers to play out.

Artist Jude Buffum's idea, Jurassic President, is definitely the latter: A theoretical Game Boy-era fighting game, Jurassic President pits U.S. presidents and history's most infamous tyrants are brought to the future to duke it out riding weaponized dinosaurs.

Buffum can probably describe it better than I can, so here's his pitch:

“Welcome folks to another episode of Jurassic President, the reality combat game show of the FUTURE, pitting contestants from the PAST, in a battle for the PRESENT. Where the greatest men that ever lived, former Presidents of these United Corporations of AmeriCo™, battle the most evil leaders throughout history. Using the most dangerous weapon known to man… DINOSAURS!!!”

Unfortunately, Jurassic President is just an idea for now. Buffum created a few fake screenshots of this hypothetical masterpiece.

If you're in LA in next couple of weeks, So You Created a Wormhole will be open to the public April 29th. Get the details here.

[Jude Buffum via iO9]