Jon Lovitz, a Saturday Night Live alum on the voice of The Critic, used his status and Twitter account to have three hateful teenage girls expelled from their Northridge, Calif. high school. The  young women wrote the word “Jew” and drew multiple swastikas on the front walk of a classmate’s home with maple syrup. They also left dog shit on the steps.

Clearly they didn’t know who they were dealing with. Lovitz, who is a friend of the family whose house was vandalized, tweeted this fitting photo of the girls and asked followers to retweet it to make them “famous as Jew haters.” Upon learning of the suspension, he provided this update:

What the teens did was inexcusable. But what's worse? One of the mothers actually drove the girls to the house in the middle night to commit the crime. She faces criminal charges, but her worst offense is being a God-awful person.

What has this and High School High taught us? You should never fuck with Jon Lovitz.

[via Nerve and the Inquisitr]

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