The infamous Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights, NJ has been the target of vandalism, according to TMZ. The site is reporting that people have been tagging the Temple of the Spray Tan with messages like, "We love you Snooki." In fact, the damage has gotten so bad that the house's realtor is forced to repaint the outside walls on a weekly basis.

But that's not the worst part. There are also reports that vandals have been collecting souvenirs from the house in the form of stolen roof shingles. Security has been increased around the house, and local police have been on the lookout for anyone damaging the reality TV landmark. 

If this damage happens when Jersey Shore is on a filming hiatus, it's up to the realtor to clean it up; however, if anything like this were to happen while the show was being shot, it would be up to the MTV producers to fix it. That's actually a good thing because judging on how much makeup the gals on the show wear, they should be pretty proficient with a paintbrush.

[via TMZ