Another day, another clip from Marvel's The Avengers. At this point we feel like we have already seen more than half of the movie, but we're hoping there are still a few surprises left when it opens on May 4. This clip, courtesy of iTunes, features a fittingly over-the-top battle between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), presumably right when these two cornerstones of the Marvel Universe first meet. 

Even going back to the early Stan Lee days on The Avengers comic, there has always been some simmering animosity between many of the heroes on the team, and Thor and Iron Man in particular have a long history of fisticuffs. As opposed to some of the gloomier super hero movies that have been released in recent years, director Joss Whedon brings a perfect blend of action and humor to this footage that is extremely faithful to the tone of the original comics. 

[via iTunes]