You’re also famous for your tattoos. What was the first one you got?
I was 17 and I had been begging my dad to get a tattoo because it was getting to be cool. He was getting tattooed and so he called me and was like, “If you want one, then you have to come right now.” I had no idea what I wanted to do, so when I was driving over there I was brainstorming ideas in my head and I guess when I was 17, I thought it’d be really cool to get my own name tattooed on my lower back. It’s been covered up since then, but for three years I had the a tramp stamp that said “Alysha.” [Laughs.]

What did people around you say that to that?
It was so cool. This was like 2004. [Laughs.]

What did you cover it up with?
I have a giant picture frame on my back now, so I just went real big and covered it up with this huge piece. The bottom part of it has grapes and wings, so it’s busy.

Since you got it when you were so young, were you rebellious as a kid?
When I was a kid kid I was really good, but when I was in high school I was kind of bad. I always did well in school but I’ve always been really independent. I’ve always done my own thing and sometimes that gets you in trouble when you’re 16 years old.

Is there a memory of your adolescence that still haunts you to this day?
No, ‘cause you know I learn from everything. I feel much more mature for my age because of all the experiences I put myself through as a kid. So I don’t think I would take any of them back.

You have an edgy yet very fun vibe to your persona. What is your idea of an awesome night?
I had a fucking great night the other night. I spent the night in Brooklyn and I was just with my friends and we were drinking a lot, which is always fun. We were listening to music and stumbled upon a bar that had this bowling alley.

I can never go out with a plan. I just like to be around my friends and be able to dance at some point and dress up and be a girl. [Laughs.]

The fashion industry is known to be competitive and house a lot of egos. Do you ever have to deal with divas?
The only time I ever really have to deal with other models is if I’m styling a shoot. Luckily, if I’m doing that, I’ve also casted the models so I don’t get a lot diva personalities.

That’s something I try to not be as well. I try to keep things very simple, laid back and easy because it’s never fun to work with somebody who makes things difficult. Occasionally, of course, you’ll get some people who are part of a team that might be frustrating. But all you can do is try to make it the best that you can and pretend like it’s the best shoot you’ve ever done in your life and hope that it turns out good.

Since you’re up and coming and an Internet personality who wants to break out, what’s your greatest challenge right now?
Keep myself separated from everyone else. Because of what I want to do, a lot of times people place me in categories with other alternative tattooed girls who have crazy hair and lots of piercings and do more like fetish stuff and I’m not really into that. And I’m not tall. I’m just this basic girl trying to convince people that I’m cool so I’m trying to get over that hurdle. [Laughs.]
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