Jake England and his roommate Alvin Watts were involved in a Good Friday shooting spree that left three black men dead and two injured in Tulsa, Ok., and despite a racially charged Facebook status update, Jake England has denied the killings were motivated by race.

In a KOTV interview from his jail cell, 19-year-old Jake England insisted that he is not racist, even adding the tried and true “some of my best friends are black.” England and 32-year-old Alvin Watts (third image), confessed to driving around Tulsa in a white pick-up, asking the five victims for directions and then attacking them.

Police arrested the pair at the palace they live in (fourth image) that Sunday. England suggested that grief over the 2010 death of his father, who was shot to death during a fight, was a factor in the killings. One day prior, posted a message on Facebook saying, “Today is two years that my dad has been gone shot by a f****** n*****.”

England’s lawyer Clark Brewster says his client grew up on the city’s majority-black north side, allowing him to make friends from different backgrounds. England says that he has nothing against, and the comment was “to express the way I was upset over the guy that shot my dad.”

He also witnessed the tragedy of his girlfriend’s suicide in January, just months after the couple had a baby boy. England told his lawyer Clark Brewster that he had been on medication to curb his “bad thoughts” since both deaths.

This kid has experienced terrible misfortune in just 19 years, but he doesn’t get anything close to a pass for killing three innocent men and wounding two others.

[via The Daily Mail UK]

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