Though no one is completely sure what French Socialist presidential candidate François Hollande's team was going for when "N****s In Paris" was used as the soundtrack for his campaign video, it definitely has the people going. The video, which translates to "48 Hours With François Hollande" in English, shows him talking to eager supporters on the campaign trail.

Some parts of the song have been replaced with audio from his speeches and comments from his supporters, but many of the lyrics—particularly the word "nigga"fly without edit. The most damning might be 'Ye's "Got my niggas in Paris/And they goin' gorillas."

The Daily Caller believesthat the video, which features supporters of varying races, may have been created to secure the black vote for Hollande:

the video could be designed to show that Hollande is the candidate black immigrants should support over President Nicolas Sarkozy, who was elected during a time of racial tension in Paris.

SoulCulture, on the other hand, noted that Hollande visits a number of poor Parisian neighborhoods in the video whose residents are primarily black or of arab descent. It wasn't the best audio selection and might not send the best message, but whatever his goal was, people are aren't being shy with the "dislike" button on YouTube. 

[via The Daily Caller]

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