Porn destroyed this marriage, and in a really direct way.

An Egyptian man took to the Internet one day to enjoy his first porn experience and was treated to the horrific discovery that his wife was the star. The moment was too much for him to handle, so he passed out.

He rushed home to confront his wife, who naturally denied everything until he hit her with the evidence. She owned up to cheating on him with an old flame, revealing that she never loved him despite bearing four of his children during their 16-year-marriage. She proceeded to crush his soul by telling him that he was too old to keep up with her sexually.

The man, identified as Ramadan, told Egyptian newspapers that he found 11 films starring his wife and other dude, and only because of his porn curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat—and this union.

When a woman is over you, she’s over you. Just take your ball and go home.

[via Emirates 24/7]

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