There are few things more startling than returning home and finding a masked intruder jacking your prized possessions. Just ask this dude, who pulled the tried and true “Pose as Robber and Scare the Shit Out of My Girlfriend” trick on his girl and her friends.

The diabolical genius broke it all down on YouTube:

I got off of work early and snuck into my girlfriends apartment with a spare key. I waited for her to get off of work and I dressed up with a face mask and a trench coat on acting as if I was robbing the place. I was holding their 32" TV, a duffle bag full of their stuff, and their laptop in my hand. When I heard the door open then close, I ran out to surprise them.... Poor girl was crying haha.

Hey, one of her friends thought it was funny.

[via Gawker]

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