Next season is going to belong to the dogs. We're calling it now. In addition to the promised CBS dog reality series, Dog in the City, Disney has just announed that they have picked up a new scripted series about a dog that has a blog. The title? Dog With a Blog. Uncreative, or simple and informative?

Anyway, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fraiser producer Michael B. Kaplan is behind the series. It follows a family that has just adopted a dog in hopes that two feuding step-siblings will bond or something like that. It doesn't work until the two find out that the dog is magical, because it can talk and write, and is the webmaster of a blog. Can't beat that.

The series is set to go into production in June, with an anticipated Fall premiere.

Yeah. We'd watch the Disney Channel for this. Don't judge us, you know you would too. 

[via Gawker]