Dark Souls coming to PC after months of console exclusivity is wonderful news, and we're appropriately overjoyed (with a hint of trepidation at launching back into the engrossing game yet again). It's even getting some new content; new bosses will challenge your ability to act like a calm adult, and we're hoping for some more surprises as well.

But it turns out some players are going to want to just wait until (fingers crossed) the extra content gets released as console DLC instead, as it's been confirmed that Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition on PC will utilize the controversial Games For Windows Live service. RPS cites dropped connections, login errors and convoluted menus as some of the service's regular woes, adding that they've always wanted to "stab it to death" just like an enemy in the game.

If you're upset by the news, do what everyone does when they're upset by something on the internet: yell about it on Twitter and sign a petition. It's got 5,000 names after only five hours, so keep at it if you really care.