HBO's new series Girls has been heavily debated since its release, as apparently everyone and their mother has an opinion about it. Well, everyone, their mothers, and now, thanks to Vulture, also Brian Williams. They caught up with the TV anchor at the Times 100 gala a couple of nights ago to get his thoughts on the show, as his daughter, Allison Williams, is one of the main stars. His answer?

What is it like watching Girls for you? Are you covering your eyes?
No, no. It’s kvelling, pride. It’s incredibly great. Her co-creator and I have known always that she was going to be an actress. So it’s fantastic.

You’re fine with the awkward sex scenes?
Unmitigated joy.

I thought I read that she has to cover your eyes.
That was something someone made up in an article. There has not been a journalist with us in a room watching, that I know of. Other than myself. So no. Unmitigated joy.

Awkward, or no?

We're gonna go with awkward.

[via Vulture]