Politicians and political commentators alike have been coming out left and right talk about the tragic, severely unjust Trayvon Martin case, and not always in the most tactful, logical fashion. But, finally, we've got a politician making a comment about the case that actually makes sense - at last! Knew we could count on you, Bill Clinton

In an interview with ABC News, the former President of the United States suggested that the case proves that 'Stand Your Ground' laws - which allow for people to use deadly force as self-defense when there is reasonable belief of a threat - need to be reconsidered. He says in the interview:

"People have always had a right to have a handgun in their hometo protect their homesthen we’ve seen this breathtaking expansion of the concealed weapons laws in America moving from the late 90′s into this decade, far—if you will—to the extreme that America had ever been on these.

And now the Stand Your Ground law, I think the law is going to create real problems because anyone can—anyone who doesn’t have a criminal background, anyone not prohibited by the Brady Bill and caught by the checks—can basically be a part of a neighborhood watch where they have a concealed weapon whether they had proper law enforcement training or not. And whether they’ve had any experience in conflict situations with people or not."

Clinton went on to say that he hopes the case will lead to a "reappraisal of the Stand Your Ground laws,” and, "I hope that the truth will come out and that the tragedy of this young man’s loss will not be in vainit’s just terrible. Whatever the facts were—all these people trying to jump on him and talking about some mistake he made in his life, that’s irrelevant [because he was an] unarmed person who was killed on the street by a gun. And so, yes, I hope justice will be done in this case."

[via New York Daily News]