This story is both miraculous and alarming.

Twelve hours after being declared dead, a newborn in Argentina was found alive in her coffin. The child's mother, Analia Bouter, gave birth to her prematurely at six months pregnant in a Resistencia hospital on April 3. The staff told her the little girl showed no signs of life, and was declared stillborn. 

Bouter and her husband Fabian Veron were in the morgue to see their daughter one final time when they heard the baby cry. It turns out that the little girl was alive and in good health.

Authorities have launched an investigation, but hospital director Jose Luis Meirino says every staff member present believed the baby was stillborn. In the meantime, Bouter and Veron have named the little girl Luz Milagros, which means "Miracle Light."

[via The NY Daily News]

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