As convenient as watching videos on your laptop may be, it just doesn’t compare to the experience of sitting down on a couch and watching on an actual TV set. For one, the screen is smaller. And, most likely, you’ll probably be plugged into uncomfortable headphones or forced to listen in via the laptop’s tinny speakers. Apple, though, could finally offer a fix to the latter problem by integrating surround-sound speakers into a future Macbook Pro model.

According to a patent filing by Apple, treble speakers would be positioned on each side of the display and a bass speaker at the bottom end. Another speaker would be placed above the keyboard for mid-range frequencies.

If the speakers are, in fact, implemented into the next release of Pros—slated for June—the laptops could be hard to turn down, with rumors of retina displays and Ivy Bridge processors also abound.

[via Patently Apple via Wired]