Back in February, a patron at the appropriately named Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas suffered a heart attack while eating the "triple-bypass burger." As of today, a second enthusiastic patron has offered up her health to the gods of the Grill.

While smoking cigs, drinking a margarita, and consuming a "double-bypass burger," a woman in her 40s just stopped—boom, face down into the food. She was found unconscious and taken to a hospital. 

Also in the land of we-just-can't-make-this-shit-up, the 29-year-old spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill died one year ago yesterday. He weighed almost 600 pounds at the time of croaking. 

How many more lives will the Heart Attack Grill claim before America realizes it's over?

Oh, what's over? Everything. All of it.

[via Huffington Post]