It seems like almost every Marvel comic book character is getting the spotlight recently with a slew of great blockbusters, but for some reason Wolverine keeps getting the shaft on the silver screen. The X-Men movies always neutered his violent ways and his first solo movie was an unmitigated disaster; however, it seems like 20th Century Fox is looking to finally give the clawed Canuck the visceral, brutal flick he deserves in 2013's The Wolverine

In an interview with Collider, 20th Century Fox CEO Tom Rothman revealed that the movie will shoot in Japan in the coming months in order to give it an authentic Eastern flare just like the comic books. But the most interesting quote came later on:

“This is […] a pretty original take. It’s based on a very successful run in the comics, but it’s a true Wolverine movie, I mean this is the true berserker, bad ass Wolverine.”

Sure it's not the most detailed quote in the world, but the word "berserker" should send any comic book fan's heart aflutter. The site is even claiming that director James Mangold is thinking about doing both a PG-13 and R-rated version of The Wolverine to appeal to younger and older moviegoers. 

The Wolverine is set for a July 26, 2013 release date.

[via Collider