If you thought getting murdered by Chucky was embarrassing, feast your eyes on the Gingerdead Man. The tastiest little terror you ever saw, and the star of a three-movie horror-comedy franchise, he is the resurrected form of executed murderer Millard Findlemeyer (Gary Busey), whose witch mother mixes his ashes with a gingerbread spice mix and drops it off at the bakery belonging to the woman who testified against him, where a drop of blood and an electrical surge bring him to life.

Despite his diminutive stature—and the fact that he’s a motherfucking cookie man (!) who’s defeated with relative ease in the original when he’s baked to a death—the Gingerdead Man catches a ludicrous number of bodies. Want to make a cookie crumble? Try milk, people—a glass of 2% works 100% of the time.