When people speak of Showtime's long-running drama about lovable serial killer Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), the program's guest stars are always the first thing referenced, having come to serve as a barometer of sorts when gauging the quality of the season. "The one with Julia Stiles" immediately causes eyes to roll, while we can't remember the last time people sang so many praises about Trinity Killer John Lithgow since...wait, have they ever? 

That said, in the wake of what was arguably Dexter's lamest season to date, all eyes will be on the new baddie on the block to breathe new lifeor deathinto the show (as well as turn our attention away from that destined-to-be-bad brotherly love plotline). Enter John Cusack. Having gained some additional, valuable experience playing creepy in The Raven, dude's primed and ready for writers to put a knife in his hand. Or a gun, or an axe, or a fisherman's hook. And who knows? There might just be a Golden Globe with his name on it. (Hey, it worked for Lithgow, who beat out Neil Patrick Harris and Jeremy Piven for the honor.)