Rumor has it that John Cusack came thisclose to snagging the part of Raoul Duke in 1998's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. As a man who personally knew and has been known to make reference to his friendship with Hunter S. Thompson, who better to swipe the part of the late author's next on-screen alias from Johnny Depp, who appears to be busying himself with a myriad of family-friendly flicks these days?

Despite mixed reviews from critics, there was hardly a dude out there that could contain his excitement when previews for The Rum Diary first started making the rounds. It'd be surprising if the author's published works didn't find their way back onto the big screen again. When this happens, Cusack had better be ready to pounce: The second chance could help paint him in an entirely new light to theatergoers—and casting directors. A darker, batshit-crazier Cusack? Sign us up.