Activision announced the development of a new vehicle for the James Bond franchise, 007 Legends. Goldeneye: Reloaded developer Eurocom is returning for the de-facto sequel, so expect to see a certain number of similarities to last year's remade remake, including a return to the first-person perspective.

Legends' single-player campaign jumps from scene to scene in six different Bond films, including the upcoming 23rd Bond film, Skyfall, which comes to theatres later this year.

In addition to the story-weaving single-player, Legends will see the return of Goldeneye: Reloaded's "MI6 Ops Missions", a set of co-op challenges ranging from stealth to "all-out action", with online leaderboards for the sake of competition.

Of course, it wouldn't be an FPS if the game didn't also have a competitive multiplayer component: Legends will include four-player local split-screen, as well as online play, with levels and weapons from throughout 007 history.

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