This is the first footage we've ever seen of upcoming PS Move game Datura, which sends players to a dark forest full of mysteries and nonlinear paths. The Move wand controls a floating hand, much like in PC adventure games of old, and you can interact directly with the game world's three-dimensional space.

The PlayStation Blog interviewed the game's director, Michal Staniszewski, who said, "We wanted to pose a question to the player — what happens when you die?" Our money's on a beer volcano and a stripper factory, a theory we're hoping will be incorporated somehow in Datura.

This is the exact kind of quirky title we like to see Sony taking a chance on, like Katamari Damacy and Flower before it. The game is currently slated to drop this year, and we'll let you know when more info becomes available. Thoughts or criticisms? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.