Oh, the irony.

It's always interesting when police officers break the laws they're supposed to be enforcing, which is exactly what's going on with one Miami Beach cop who's in big trouble after allegedly getting caught drinking in his squad car. Details are still emerging, but Random Pixels claims that off-duty MBPD cop Michael Veski was drinking a beer in the passenger of a cruiser that nearly smacked into a postal inspector's vehicle.

According to new Police Chief Ray Martinez, the accusations come from a third party, and MBPD has yet to contact the postal worker. While police can't confirm the allegations at the moment, this is the second time Veski has been tangled in a liquor-soaked mess.

Regardless, don't drink and drive—especially if you're an officer of the law. Drunk cops are only cool when they're named Jimmy McNulty.

[via Miami New Times]

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