It seems that All Games Beta has just posted a video giving us a brief glimpse into the world of the short-lived Mass Effect FPS, Mass Effect: Team Assault.

If you've never heard of Team Assault, it's because the game's existence only went public a couple of weeks ago. GameTrailers' Geoff Keighly released The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3, a massive stand-alone feature looking at the making of the franchise. The piece included, among other things, information on all of the mechanical and narrative concepts that never made it into the Mass Effect franchise, including the rise and fall of Team Assault.

According to a report from Vox Games, Bioware worked on Team Assault shortly after the Mass Effect 2 was finished. The project was eventually scrapped in order to work on the co-op multiplayer design that eventually made it into Mass Effect 3

Mechanically, the game was heavily based on the Battlefield series, and included team-based combat and controllable vehicles from the franchise, including the Mako and Hammerhead.

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[Via All Games Beta and Vox Games]