In an effort to curb digital piracy, major U.S. ISPs including Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner, and Verizon will launch programs to monitor and police their networks and stop illegal file-sharing. The move was announced by RIAA chief executive Cary Sherman who, according to CNET, said:

"Each ISP has to develop their infrastructure for automating the system so they can keep track of repeat infringers, so they know that this is the first notice or the third notice. Every ISP has to do it differently depending on the architecture of its particular network. Some are nearing completion and others are a little further from completion.”

The new measures are scheduled to begin on July 12th. If a customer is found to be illegally downloading music, movies, or TV shows, he or she will receive up to three notices warning them that they have been caught. After that they risk having their bandwidth throttled or having their service suspended. 

[CNET via BGR]