In a summer already filled with promise, it's easy to let Ridley Scott's Prometheus fly under the radar. It is a project surrounded by mystery and misdirection, and in a modern world where most movie fans want everything spoiled for them months before a film hits theaters, Prometheus' understated marketing campaign can be seen as frustrating compared to the likes of other, more flamboyant blockbusters. But if the latest trailer for Scott's sci-fi horror flick doesn't get you drooling in anticipation for it, then you should check your pulse.  

In the short runtime of the trailer, we're introduced to mysterious worlds, alien races, a whole lot of quick cuts, and more suspense than most entire movies could provide in two hours. The plot might not be spelled out for us, but that ambiguity is the reason why this movie is so intriguing.

Scott has been playing it coy in the media on whether or not Prometheus has any connection to the Alien franchise, and so far he has done a good job of misleading us; however, this trailer should end most of that speculation. There is a common mise-en-scène here that clearly makes both films look connected. If it's not a direct sequel or prequel to Alien, then it definitely exists in the same world. But other than that, it's incredibly difficult to figure out just what is going on here. All we know for sure is that it looks intense and inventive in a Hollywood landscape filled with retreads and leftovers. 

Will this be the movie that propels Scott back into the upper echelon of Hollywood directors? We'll see when Prometheus gets released on June 8.