When a movie grosses more than $152 million over a three-day weekend, it was definitely seen by more than just young-adult-fiction-loving, teenage girls. That staggering total, earned by The Hunger Games this past Friday-through-Sunday stretch, no doubt comes from audiences compromised of just as many guys as women—possibly more in this case. The hook for us fellas: The Hunger Games, based on author Suzanne Collins’ hugely popular novel, is about a sexy lady (Jennifer Lawrence) competing against her peers in a televised duel to the death; meaning, once the games themselves begin, the action doesn’t let up. It’s mostly incoherent and safely obscured action, yes, but action nonetheless.

That’s right, the biggest movie in quite some time is, for all intents and purposes, an action flick for men disguised as a teenybopper coming-of-age adventure. And after last week’s insanely violent and tightly choreographed The Raid: Redemption, the genre, marked by its ever-reliable stars is officially experiencing a resurgence. One that should continue in momentum this Friday, when the high-powered special effects reel known as Wrath Of The Titans (a sequel to 2010’s successful Clash Of The Titans) opens in wide release.

Yet, we can’t help but wonder: How many of the film industry’s new adrenaline rushes will stand the test of time? As you’ll see on the following, revised countdown of The 50 Best Action Movies Of All Time, one of the aforementioned flicks has made the cut. Click through to see which one, and what kind of elite company it has impressively joined.

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