Infidelity in films doesn't often end with both parties realizing their mistakes and going home to their spouses with no repercussions, but in the case of Little Children, this is exactly what happens. Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson portray Sarah and Brad, two married individuals living in the suburbs of Boston who meet at a local playground where their kids are playing.

Both unhappy in their marriages, they begin an affair that results in Brad coaxing Sarah to run away with him. She agrees, but the two never meet to carry out their plan. Sarah realizes her mistake before she's set to meet Brad, and Brad injures himself on the way to meet Sarah and tells the paramedics to call his wife. Both parties return to their lives after their transgression different people, but are able to continue living their lives the same. In other words, what consequences?

The affair itself between Sarah and Brad, though shallow and rooted in mere desire for excitement amidst the boring, monotonous way of life in the suburbs, is undeniably hot. The film boasts some of Kate Winslet's best sex scenes to date, and if that's not enough to sway a viewer, what else is?