Admit it: you were just going to play Mega Jump all weekend anyway. Now your unhealthy bathroom addiction, which has your roommates wondering why you spend an hour at a time sitting on the toilet, is going to net you two tickets to see Madonna in concert at Hyde Park on July 17.

Better yet, you'll also get a £100 gift card and—brace for it—a year of free PopChips! That is, if you're the top scorer between now and Monday. The next 999 people will get a coupon for a free bag of PopChips.

Considering the game is free, you'll technically still be coming out on top in that situation. Now get jumping! Unless you don't live in the UK. In that case, ignore this whole post. Is Madonna plus PopChips plus Mega Jump a match made in marketing heaven? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.