This new developer video for Bioshock Infinite gives you a quick peek at one of the game's tougher enemies, "the Motorized Patriot" A.K.A. robot George Washington. The mechanized visage of our first president is one of the Bioshock Infinite's "Heavy Hitters", stronger enemies designed to provide players with a "unique challenge" throughout the game.

Once upon a time, the Mechanized Patriot was a part of Columbia's effort to inspire patriotism among its citizens. By the time protagonist Booker DeWitt gets there, however, the robot ambassador has become an insane killing machine.

Mecha-George doesn't swing an axe or carry a musket, like the real president Washington might have in his time: On Columbia, GW fights with a "peppermill", which is basically an old-timey way of saying Gatling gun. Do you have what it takes to bring down a founding father?

Bioshock Infinite hits stores October 16th.