Street Fighter X Tekken brings two of the greatest franchises in the fighting genre and brings them together for the very first time. Although crossovers are pretty typical (Marvel vs. Capcom, SNK vs. Capcom, etc.), the union of these two franchises have never been done--making this game one for the books. You will be able to tell your grandchildren you were around when this first happened -- before the robots took over.

The roaring sound of shredding guitar riffs break through your speakers as an action packed fighting screen materializes with colorful and bigger than life characters. Don’t be surprised if you fill with adrenaline and suddenly find yourself wearing your t-shirt as a headband. The powerful opening scene creates great promise for the game. But will this be the most exciting part of Street Fighter X Tekken?

The comparison to Street Fighter IV is unavoidable. Graphics and gameplay may feel extremely similar. However, Street Fighter X Tekken incorporates not only the Tekken characters, but also the moves, and functionality like the tag system. This new 2-vs-2 dynamic brings a new gameplay and player experience not found on previous Street Fighter games.

For the people who have not been fans of Tekken’s engine, you will find that the characters feel as if they were native to Street Fighter all the while keeping the original Tekken style. 

Although the 3D look might throw off some of the fans of the arcade style, Street Fighter X Tekken is a 2D fighter at heart. The animation is smooth and transitions with beautiful, dangerous elegance. It still holds the arcade feel just with a 3D face lift. A welcomed change to those that find themselves drooling over sexy characters such as Cammy, Chun- Li, or Ryu (Hey, girls play this game too).

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