If you're a Mad Men fan-boy (or fan-girl) like us, you've indulged every whim related to the show in the last few weeks, including but not limited to #draping (yes, it's actually a thing) and Mad-Menning-yourself (silly, yet necessary).

But the newest Mad Men craze might be our favorite yet, an 8-bit choose your own adventure game on YouTube that involves everything we've come to love about our 60's crew: day drinking, napping, Betty taking up arms and Don stealing Peggy's thunder. It's all here, and for once, it's up to you to help Don make the decisions, instead of being helpless as he commits another moral faux pas right before your eyes.

Will your version of Don be smooth and effortlessly suave, or a hot, drunk (possibly dead) mess? So many possible Don outcomes, so little time!

[via Buzzfeed]