The New York Civil Liberties Union has delivered some ugly information to New Yorkers. By analyzing the locations of hundreds of thousands peole who have been stopped and frisked by the NYPD in the last year, the NYCLU has determined the ten worst neighborhoods to be caught in if you don't want to be stopped and frisked. They are as follows:

1. 75th Precinct, East New York

2. 73rd Precinct, Brownsville

3. 115th Precinct, East Elmhurst/Jackson Heights

4. 40th Precinct, South Bronx

5. 90th Precinct, Williamsburg

6. 23rd Precinct, East Harlem

7. 43rd Precinct, Southeast Bronx

8. 103rd Precinct, Jamaica

9. 44th Precinct, Bronx

10. 120th Precinct, Staten Island

[via Gothamist]