Don't let anyone tell you that strip clubs are destroying communities, because one in Los Angeles just saved a youth baseball league. Lennox Little League, which is located near LAX, had been struggling to keep its head above water in the wake of new rules and fees created by the K-8 Lennox School District. That is, until Jet Strip stepped in.

The brilliantly-titled gentlemen's club donated $1,200, and with another $1,000 from the League in Westchester and $600 from the Lennox Coordinating Council, the fee spike is covered for the next year. Talk about finding a savior in an unlikely place.

Jet Strip had been making silent donations to the council for years, but after this act of kindness, a council member was adamant about them receiving credit for it.

With this development, we might have to re-rank our list of the 50 best strip clubs in America.

[via LAist]

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