Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Developer: thatgamecompany
Release date: 03/13/12
Price: $14.99

score: 8.0

The first time I played Journey I found myself stuck in the level geometry. Fitting, perhaps, since its premise is based in travel, wandering and the individual worldliness gained at the eventual apex of a meaningful quest. What happened while I was circling back and forth from a cascading desert sandfall to an invisible wall about forty feet adjacent isn’t especially important—mostly I wrestled now-unnatural physics, struggling against volatile winds to scale dunes normally hidden behind a solid rockface in a stubborn effort to both break free of my hollow prison and save myself from a hard reset.

My escape may as well have been a miracle. Happening by chance on a weird zigzag path up the face of the sandfall, I reached the dusty foothills above. Although accidentally, I had a unique adventure early on in Journey—not what thatgamecompany intended, maybe, but as personalized as one could want from a game.
This philosophy makes Journey what it is.

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