You've done so many voices, which role has been your favorite, thus far in gaming? 
I know it might sound silly, but I have a special place for all of them. FemShep, I have to say, has been one of my all-time favorite experiences. The fact that we busted through and got her on the box. Also because she's a leading woman and I respect leaders. It doesn't matter if she's male or female, she gets stuff done to save the universe. The cast was great, the writing was great and it was also fun.

Do you prefer to play stronger female characters or wacky characters?
I like them both for different reasons. I like the wacky ones because you rarely get to get out of your own serious character. With the strong ones, it's great to lead. You get to set the tone and call people into battle and make it happen.

Do you see yourself as sort of a role model for female gamers or female voice actors who might want to step into voice acting or work in the game industry?
I don't think that's for me to say but thank you. It's fun to be on the first wave and to see the genre really coming into its own. That's awesome. And if I can do it well ina way that maybe inspires other people to take it to the next level, then that's fantastic.

What would you say is your least favorite or most difficult voice acting job?
The hardest I've done is when I did spots for Gateway computers. They have stores all over the country so I had a list of a couple hundred or so--all the different pronunciations. You had to say it the same way every time like it's the first time somebody called. If I had to pick something, I'd pick that for sure.

You said you don't really play games but have you actually played any of the Mass Effect games? Are you going to play Mass Effect 3?

I have! I did an interview with Tom Bissell for the New Yorker last year and as part of the interview, he made me play through about an hour of Mass Effect 2. It was very interesting to do but drove me a little crazy, because I just wanted to go back and re-do a bunch of stuff. I was like "well now that I know that, I wanna do this line again!" I can be a little bit of a perfectionist about that stuff.

Since it's possible to be in a relationship with many of the characters. Which one would you choose?
I don't know, maybe Garrus or Thane.

If you hadn't ended up voicing FemShep, which character would you have liked to voice?
I never thought of that. Hmm, I'd say Miranda.

Would you have preferred they motion captured you for the role as well?
Oh, yeah. I'd prefer to do mo-cap for anything because I like to bring the whole character to life, not just the voice. Yvonne is fantastic and if you forced me to pick someone, that's who I'd pick.

What do you have coming up in the future?
There's some stuff that I can't talk about for confidentiality reasons but I can mention Diablo III which is coming out. I'm working on a few episodes of a show called Shaolin Chronicles. It's sort of a reboot of Shaolin Showdown. I'm also doing more Totally Spies episodes. I've got The Avengers and The Green Lantern cartoon series and an episode of The Office -- just a small funny little phone call into the office. Then there's an independent film in the works. That's about it.

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