Spider-Man has been the star of numerous animated series over the years, but Ultimate Spider-Man will be the first one actually created by Marvel Studios itself. Based partly on Brian Michael Bendis’ comic book series of the same name, Ultimate Spider-Man teams the Wall Crawler up with other heroes from the Marvel Universe as he tries to take down some of Earth’s fiercest villains. Along the way, Peter Parker has to deal with schoolwork, romantic drama, and Nick Fury breathing down his neck while he tries to balance his personal life with his duties as a superhero.

Produced by Spider-Man: Blue writerJeph Loeb, and written by Batman: The Animated Series veteran, Paul Dini, Ultimate Spider-Man is a completely different direction for the Web Swinger as he will be routinely armed with high-tech gadgets and costumes in order to battle against the likes of Venom, Doctor Doom, and The Fearsome Four. Check out this behind-the-scenes video from the show to get all the information you need about Spidey's next foray into the world of animation.

Ultimate Spider-Man will premiere this Sunday at 11am E/T on Disney XD.

[via Marvel]