Folks, if you’ve ever lost an iOS device, the “Find My” apps really do work, which was unfortunate for a bunch of crystal meth chefs out in San Jose, Calif.

Palo Alto police last week tracked down a stolen iPad (retail price $500) to an apartment complex dubbed “The Woods” using “Find My iPad.” Upon arriving at the apartment of the suspected iPad thieves, they were surprisingly let inside of the home without confrontation. 

“The probably thought if they didn’t, we’d suspect something,” said Santa Clara Assistant District Attorney David Tomkins. The thieves probably chose the wrong course of action because once inside, police found 780 pounds of meth, with an estimated street value of $35 million. To put that in perspective, cops usually seize about 100 pounds nationwide every year. And according to the DEA, the iPad thieves are tied to a Mexican drug ring… that chose to skimp on iPads.

[via Mercury News via Gizmodo]