The folks from Jameson came through the Complex offices to explain, in the the loveliest of Irish accents, their distilling process and offer drams of three of their products. 

Mary Anne Byrne, Jameson's New York rep, led the staff through a tasting of original Jameson, Black Barrel, and Redbreast.

Original Jameson is just how you remember it from last night—flush with sweet flavor, sure to warm your guts. To hear Byrne tell it, the unmistakable taste is a result of the mix of malted and un-malted barley used at the distillery.

Black Barrel, a more expensive expression, trades the crisp green-apple scent of original Jameson for notes of vanilla, toasted woods, and spices. Think of it as Jameson at Christmas. 

Redbreast, a single pot still whiskey, packs a bracing amount of taste. If you're used to sipping original without even a trace of a grimace, a nip of Redbreast will have standing stock-straight thinking, "What was that?" A whiskey for connoisseurs, Redbreast is best for folks with a whiskey-conditioned palate. No virgins here.