Last week, actress Amber Tamblyn pulled off a hilarious, albeit embarrassing, prank on actor/singer Tyrese Gibson by making him think she was Wiz Khalifa's new fiancé, model Amber Rose, with a series of fake "Awareness" raps. 

Apparently, Gibson and Tamblyn were both CC'd on an e-mail from a mutual friend. Gibson mistook Tamblyn's e-mail as the model's and reached out to her about a possible collaboration. To his credit, Tamblyn's middle name is Rose and a part of her e-mail address. 

Tamblyn, the self-proclaimed "Hilary Clinton of Ghostface Killahs," played along and sent Gibson demos, which she recorded on her iPhone. After sending him four intentionally terrible clips, he ultimately confessed, "That was trash …. Sorry .. At this point I don’t even believe this is Amber." In response, the actress signed her last e-mail with her full name: Amber Rose Tamblyn.

The actress issued an apology to the singer stating: "Tyrese is a very sweet guy with good intentions who made a mistake and I, being an actress and engaged to a comedian [ed: Tamblyn has been dating David Cross for the last few years], could not help myself. Tyrese, please accept my 87% hearfelt [sic] apology for stringing you along. I think we could have made beatufiul [sic] music together."

Below are two of the demos Amber Tamblyn sent to Tyrese:

[via The Huffington Post]