This Sunday, the 84th annual Academy Awards is sure to give us a few things for certain: women in sexy dresses, boring speeches, and our favorite guilty pleasure, the viewing of over a dozen "I lost the Oscar" faces.

Above, we see Audrey Hepburn in 19454, anxiously chewing her nails as she waits to see if she's won best actress for Roman Holiday, and proving that the fear of losing is a time-honored tradition. Luckily, Audrey wins, but many others are not as fortunate. They have to smile through gritted teeth and feign happiness for the winner, and in many cases, are unsuccessful at doing so.

These are our favorite moments, and some genius at FourFour posted hundreds of losing Oscar face GIFs for your schadenfreude delight. Watch stink-eyes get thrown, tears fall and smiles crumble, because that's what the Oscars are really all about, right?

[via Vulture]