Ever since Iron Man hit theaters back in 2008, Marvel Studios has been planting the seeds for an eventual Avengers movie. Now after four long years of build-up, The Avengers is finally primed to hit screens in a mere two-and-a-half months. And to get fans even more amped about this superhero team-up, Marvel has launched a brand-new trailer for the movie that shows us exactly what we have been waiting for since 2008. 

Instead of releasing a trailer that focuses on the movie's plot or characters, this new footage ratchets the action up to 10 and unleashes a flurry of explosions and eye-candy to set the mood for what is to come. This film won't be a character piece like The Amazing Spider-Man or a sprawling epic like The Dark Knight Rises; instead, expect The Avengers to be a tight two-hours of mayhem and CGI battle scenes when it debuts in May.

Here we see a full-scale war in the streets as Earth's Mightiest Heroes take on Loki and his mysterious alien army. For anyone that has picked up a comic or watched these heroes on television when they were kids, these action sequences should make you feel right at home. If there is one thing that director Joss Whedon understands, it's sci-fi/fantasy set pieces, and this movie looks to bring those to life in a way that is rarely ever seen.

It would have been nice for the trailer to give us a hint as to what is actually going on in the movie, or even let us see more of Captain America acting like the team's leader, but what we are shown here is good enough. This movie won't test your intelligence or give you a new outlook on life, but it should prove to be a solid summer blockbuster. 

We'll see if The Avengers can rival The Dark Knight Rises for superhero superiority when it is released on May 4.