If Disney’s John Carter fails at the box office, the House of Mouse will only have itself to blame. The TV spots and trailers released so far have lacked a clear direction and the type of awe-inspiring moments that have become expected from audiences over the past few years. But in an act that can be seen as desperate, the company released one last trailer in hopes of winning over some audience members who remain on the fence about the project. And the result is very satisfying.

It’s short, but the new footage shown in this trailer gives John Carter the type of fantastic scope that properties like Star Wars and Avatar have brought to the table. The alien world of Barsoom is so beautifully rendered here that even the most over-the-top creatures look like living, breathing organisms. The action is also widespread and chaotic as Carter stares down white apes, thrashes chains at towering foes, and takes down ominous air ships with ease. For the eight-year-old in all of us, there isn’t much more that we could ask for.

It would have been nice to get a better look at Taylor Kitsch’s portrayal of Carter himself, though. So far, all we have seen is Kitsch throwing out a few clichéd action lines and looking like a Calvin Klein model. But if his performance is solid, and the action is as good as advertised, then John Carter could be the sleeper hit of the spring.

John Carter hits theaters on March 9.