Even though it won't hit theaters until July 3, the first clip from The Amazing Spider-Man has already been released. Here we see Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) attempting to have dinner with Gwen Stacy, only to be stopped by her hypervigilant doorman. It's similar to a scene that happened in Spider-Man 2, but the humor here is much more natural, as opposed to Sam Raimi's campier attempts.

Despite the movie's "darker" tone, this clip shows that it will still retain the wit that Spider-Man has had since his debut in 1962. Fans of the comics should easily recognize Peter Parker in all of Garfield's mannerisms, from the unkempt hair to his awkwardness around authority figures.

While we're hoping that the next clip includes some wall-crawling action, this short scene gives us an idea of the tone that director Marc Webb is going for.

[via Mark of the Spider-Man